SAP Activate Methodology Content

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SAP have just relaunched the SAP Activate website which will allow you even more easy access to the full SAP Activate Methodology content.

Features of the SAP website

  • One place for access to ALL SAP available Methodologies
  • Full Methodology is available¬†to all (not just SAP Marketplace users)
  • Both Agile AND Waterfall methodology available
  • Easy download of files
  • Has Best Practice built in

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How to become an expert in the SAP Activate Methodology?

The SAP Activate Methodology is fulfilling the promise and SAP have made it possible to get access to the full Methodology content without having a SAP Marketplace User ID. is a clever way to get the methodology spread and adapted by the SAP community.

We have created a full course that will explain everything you need to know to become an Expert in the SAP Activate Methodology. Including how to get full access to the methodology content.

So there is no reason for not to jump on the wagon and become an SAP Activate expert today.

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