This Successful SAP Project Manager Training program will provide you with all the Knowledge and Tools you need to become a Successful “World Class” SAP Project Manager

SAP Projects are often known to be some of the most Complex and Challenging Project to Manage and where even the most experienced Project Managers can find themselves in need of assistance.

To make you a Successful SAP Project Manager we have created a unique SAP Project Management Training programs which goes beyond what you will get from any other training program available.

[quote_content]This course will include Template and learning you can immediately use on your project[/quote_content]

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What will you get from the Successful SAP Project Manager Training Program?

  • High-quality Video lessons
  • More than 130 Lessons 
  • More than 20 hours of high-quality video lessons
  • Templates and Worksheets for download
  • Training in SAP implementation methodologies (ASAP® & SAP Activate® )
  • Training to make you an expert in the new SAP Activate Agile way of implementing SAP
  • All Training is aligned to follow the phases and key milestones of an SAP Project
  • Detailed understanding of the SAP Certified Associate Project Manager Exam
  • All training follows SAP and PMI Project Management methodologies


[testimonial name=”Siriporn K.  ” org=”Freelance SAP Consultant” avatar=”” avatar_position=”left” font_size=”1″ quote=”yes”]The flexible Project Management Training courses I can easily grow my skills while working on busy projects.[/testimonial]


[testimonial name=”Harvinder S. ” org=”SAP Development Manager” avatar=”” avatar_position=”left” font_size=”1″ quote=”yes”]The SAP Certified Project Management program allowed me to quickly udnerstand the SAP Certifiaction exam.[/testimonial]


[testimonial name=”Peter Hansen.  ” org=”SAP Senior Project Manager” avatar=”” avatar_position=”left” font_size=”1″ quote=”yes”]The Project Management Training Courses helped me get my dream job as Project Manager. [/testimonial]

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What is the course content?

Successful SAP Project Manager Training

  • Introduction to SAP Projects and SAP Project Management tools
  • Project Preparations & SAP Business Blueprint design
  • SAP Realization and Final Preparation phases of your
  • Project “Go-Live”, Roll-out and Support
  • Time for an upgrade

SAP Accelerated (ASAP) Methodology Training

  • Understand the new way of implementing SAP
  • The SAP Accelerated (ASAP) Methodology
  • Understand what is new in the ASAP Methodology V8
  • Understand the Benefits of using the ASAP Methodology
  • Understand the content of the ASAP Methodology in details
  • Understand how to access the ASAP Methodology

SAP Activate Agile Methodology Training

  • SAP Project Challenges & Methodologies
  • SAP Activate Explained
  • Get Started with SAP Activate
  • SAP Activate Project Governance
  • SAP Activate for Cloud Implementations
  • SAP Activate for On-Premise Implementations
  • SAP Activate for System Conversion
  • SAP Activate for Landscape Transformations

SAP Certified Associate Project Manager Exam (C_PM_71) Training

  • What are the benefits of being SAP Certified Project Manager?
  • How long is the SAP Certification Valid for and how will you know if it expires?
  • What are the most popular SAP Certifications?
  • What are the criteria’s to be eligible to enroll in the Certification exam?
  • How to apply for taking the exam?
  • What if I am a freelancer can I still take the exam?
  • How to sign-up for the Certification exam and decide on the exam date?
  • How will the Certification exam be conducted and what are the exam questions?
  • What is the passing score and how to best prepare for the exam?
  • How to know the result of the exam and how to retake the exam in case you fails?

SAP Project Manager Forum

  • Course comes with access to an Experience SAP Project Management experts with more than 15 years of experience through the Course forum
  • Have a question our SAP Project Manager coach is there to answer any question you might have?
  • Need a template that you can not find in the course.. ask the Management coach and we will create one for you

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What is the target audience?

  • This course is for New and Existing Project Managers who would like to become a Successful SAP Project Manager
  • The course will explain in details every deliverable and activity that are needed in a successful SAP project
  • The course will not teach you basic Project Management skills such as the PMI Project Management Processes

What if I am not satisfied with the course?

Should you not be satisfied with the course we offer  30 days* full money back guarantee, no questions asked. 

 Money Back gurantee

* If you have purchased the course through a coupon code special terms might apply please refer to the provider of the coupon.