Cost of Cloud vs on-premise solutions

Cloud vs on-premise

How do you make the decision between a Cloud vs On-Premise solution? All you hear these days are how Cloud solutions are the solution of choice, but no one talks about the potential hidden cost when deciding to move to the cloud. Any cloud sales person will tell you Cloud is the cheapest solution, but is […]

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FREE access to the SAP Activate Methodology Content

SAP Activate Methodology Content

Get FREE and easy access to the full SAP Activate Methodology content, learn here how SAP have just relaunched the SAP Activate website which will allow you even more easy access to the full SAP Activate Methodology content. Features of the SAP website How to become an expert in the SAP Activate Methodology? The SAP […]

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Agile SAP Implementation Projects

Agile SAP Implementation

Complex and large SAP implementation have traditional been implemented using a traditional Waterfall Implementation. SAP and SAP partners have been trying to promote an Agile approach to SAP project implementation with limited success. Agile SAP Implementation made easy with new the Agile SAP Activate Methodology With SAP’s recent launch of the Agile SAP Activate Methodology, […]

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SAP Activate Methodology is here!

SAP Activate Methodology

The SAP Activate Methodology will change the way SAP Project’s are implemented. SAP’s recent launch of the SAP Activate Methodology there is now for the first time an SAP Implementation Methodology that is truly Agile. What are the SAP Activate Methodology key features? Why is a new Methodology needed? The SAP Activate Methodology has been […]

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